About me.   The short answer.*

I'm an artist and photographer who is wild about capturing the energy and essence of people (or any living, breathing subject for that matter) in a still frame.  My approach to directing a session is based highly on intuition as I riff off the energy I receive from my subject moment to moment.  What results is a creative collaboration and interactive experience between us. 

I only see beauty, and that comes in every shape, size and color... so long as it's rooted in truth and backed by integrity.

Thanks for having a look at those who've trusted my vision.  I'm honored to have shared the time with them.  ♥ Rhe

*And if you're curious about my artwork


All images by Rhe De Ville

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little ones

little ones   ​children & pets

Children are open doors to truth...​

Their honesty, awareness & pure reaction to the slightest shift in the energy of their surroundings make them fascinating subjects. 

Pets are similar in this way, too. 

I've found both types of "little ones" react positively ​to me and trust my presence behind the lens.  ​

sessions with grown-ups...

I also offer sessions that include grown-ups:  Mom/Dad; grandparents, aunts/uncles, nannies, guardians, siblings etc. 

Sometimes it's nice to just put down the camera & let someone else capture precious moments of you interacting with your loved ones. 

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